Wednesday 8 January 2014

Maniac Monday XLIX - Unholy Forces of Evil II

UGHHH. A week into the new year and we have maybe one of the grimmest shows to ever play out on NTS, for sure, if not my own. There will be another black metal show comprised of only Norwegian bands/1994 releases soon, so hold tight for that if you liked this one.
Was cool to play some stuff I admittedly used to be very into in the mid-00s mainly, and of course some new discoveries, as always. That Vemod LP has been soundtracking my winter, thus far.
The next show is the official 50th MM, so I might do a kind of a best of so far show, or maybe not. Tune in January 20th to find out, fellow pilgrim.

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Anonymous said...

Finally heard the whole thing, great, great show. I specially enjoyed the LLN highlight.