Wednesday 5 March 2014

Maniac Monday LII - BOTW—The New Flesh

 ALRIGHT, another 2000s-only show, this time playing only BOTW-inductees. It is also a semi-best of Maniac Monday show to some degree, so apologies to regular maniacs if this one comes off a little lazy. But, these are all great tracks from some of today's best acts, so to some it may be a goldmine, hehe.
So a BIG THANKS to Fenriz and Arjan for all their hard work to keep like-metal-minded maniacs in the know. I, for one, have found tonnes of killer bands on the page. Sure, there have been almost as many that didn't do it for me, but hey, you can't like 'em all.
Maniac Monday returns on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, so expect some sort of Irish feature then. SLÁINTE.


Anonymous said...

ah, digg, music turns off when you decide to say hi. Never mind. Excellent blog. enjoy it a lot. BUT, is there a common problem with 4-shared? If its me and my lack of skill, please just hand over a fist in the face of the ignorant.
-perfect to download and bring along, your shows. Radio (and journalism) doesnt exist here.
Cheers! Peter, stavanger, norway

Glen Wright said...

Worked fine for me. Maybe try downloading it again.


Peter, you are not the first to mention 4shared being problematic. I think it may be a PC thing, but I don't know. What I do know is that my mediafire account got closed a few weeks back and I can't be bothered to open another account to offer dual links and NTS can't allow downloads after moving to Mixcloud, so it's 4shared or noshared, sorry! Thanks for your kind words though, appreciated