Monday 18 January 2016


ALRIGHT. Time for a demo from my city of birth, Dublin. Yes, Disguise—featuring both string-players from Zom—play the kind of caustic, unwavering d-beat frenzy that seems to be most popular here on the DEMOnday thread. Fuck, there may even be the odd Zom riff in there, too. Apologies for the low-quality, but the guys are selling it here at a higher rate, so you know what to do. It's ripping stuff, be brave!
Disguise (Ireland) Demo 2012 [2012]
1. Useless Law
2. Disguise
3. Altered States
4. Total Aeon
5. Laughter
6. Nuclear Winter
7. Moral Hysteria
8. Roots
9. Poison Reality
DISCLAIMER: If you own the recording and want it removed, please do not be an internet snitch and make a DMCA claim, just email me or leave a comment and I will remove it. Thanks.

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