Tuesday 26 January 2016


PhotobucketTime for another one of my favourites of recent years. Okay, I didn't realise it is as old as it is until I started this post, but you know what I mean. Just great metalpunk all-round here and shouts to those who 'got' the intro to "Christian Wimps"!

If you would like to read an interview with Victor, click here [2014] or here [2011], or to listen to a mix he did for me, click here. These MP3s came from the man himself with these words—"TOTAL SUPPORT TO DOWNLOADS... BUT BUY THE STUFFS IF YOU LIKE. SUPPORT THE BANDS AND UNDERGROUND LABELS". Hails eternal!

Whipstriker (Brazil) Midnight Crust [2010]
1. Bombhead
2. Self Destruction
3. Under Vigilance
4. WCA (World Cup Alienation)
5. Christian Wimps

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