Monday 19 October 2015

DEMOndays VI

Here's a "new" band for a change, mangel maniacs Infernöh, from Sweden. Listeners to my show will have heard them on the Fight Back shows and sporadically where I can fit them in. Killer d-beat crust demo that I managed to get on vinyl—it's side B of the War Tjard EP—but the tape cover rules!
INFERNÖH (Sweden) - Demo [2011]
1. Gamdregel
2. Länge Leve Mig
3. Strida För Vadå?
4. Inferno
5. Kyla
I am hoping to some degree this post will become "interactive". By this, I mean that most of my files are rips from the internet and some, as killer as the music is, are not very good/high quality recordings. Also, sometimes the artwork is incomplete or low-res. So, what I am asking here is for people to help improve these demos. If you have a better recording, higher-res artwork, info regarding the demo, etc, PLEASE either mail it direct to me here or simply add a link in the comment section. Go on.

DISCLAIMER: If you own the recording and want it removed, please do not be an internet snitch and make a DMCA claim, just email me or leave a comment and I will remove it. Thanks.

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