Monday 12 October 2015

Live Evil: Volume Two

London is preparing for the return of darkness and Live Evil, once again. That's right, my favourite real metal festival is back and, as usual, they've somehow managed to produce another impressive line-up. This year's edition sees Bulldozer and Tygers Of Pan Tang headline, with a killer pre-show on the Friday before a weekend of headbanging heaven.

The guys at Live Evil—Marek and Oscar—have included a free cassette compilation of some of the bands playing the weekend—featuring some exclusive tracks—free with each ticket, and they've been kind enough to let me preview it for your ears to get you all pumped up and ready to destroy Tuffnell Park this week. Hell's fire!
Here, some words from Marek:
Last year was the best Live Evil yet, which is saying something. The Dome is the perfect venue for us and the atmosphere was electric. This year will be even better, with our biggest and best line up and loads of great extras in place, including the free cassette. Our headliners are going to blow the doors off; we have all the young bands we wanted, including Helvetets Port (finally); and Chaos UK and Stray give us a slightly different flavour with the best hardcore punk and classic rock currently playing in the UK. I'm expecting to hear: "This is the best festival in the world, mate" at least ten times a day.
There are still some tickets available, so be sure to clear the calendar of all that lying around hungover for some heavy metal mania. All info here and tickets here.

1. Mindless Sinner (Sweden) - "We Go Together"

2. Flight (Norway) - "Flight" [03:39]
3. Nekromantheon (Norway) - "Cryovolcanic Eruption"
4. Helvetets Port (Sweden) - "Hero of an Age"* [14:00]
5. Vampire (Sweden) - "Night Hunter"* [17:25]
6. Witching Hour (Germany) - "Once Lost Souls Returned"* [20:40]

7. Speedtrap (Finland) - "No Glory Found" [28:02]
8. Bulldozer (Italy) - "Cut Throat (Live At Rock Hard Festival 2012)"*
9. ZOM (Ireland) - "Flesh Assimilation" [33:54]
10. Krossburst (Norway) - "Goddess of Midnight"* [38:38]
11. Seven Sisters (England) - "Lost in Time"
12. Dungeon (England) - "Unholy Speed Attack"* [47:26]
* Exclusive tracks for Live Evil: Volume Two

Thanks to all the bands, Fenriz, Joel De'ath, Joseph Oremus, Costin Chioreanu, James Gall and the staff The Dome, plus all hard rock advocates.


Unknown said...

is there a download link for this Mix?


No, but send me an email and I can send it over to you