Tuesday 23 March 2010

Ry Cooder Scored...

Crossroads (1986) Walter Hill (USA)


Walter Hill's classic depiction of a city boy who yearns to be a true bluesman, has aged little since its release in 86. Karate Kid Raplph Macchio features (his guitar parts are all played by Ry Cooder) alongside Joe Senecea and Jami Gertz. The only odd thing about this movie is Joe Seneca plays Willie Brown, a bluesman who has been dead since 1952. No biggie, I guess.

Crossroads [Various Artists] (1986)

I have included the tracks of the 'cuttin'-heads' battle at the end as a bonus, as they don't feature on the soundtrack itself.

1.Crossroads (Ry Cooder)
2.Down In Mississippi (Terry Evans, Bobby King & Willie Green, Jr.)
3.Cotton Needs Pickin' (Frank Frost)
4.Viola Lee Blues (Ry Cooder)
5.See You In Hell, Blind Boy (Van Dyke Parks & Alan Pasqua)
6.Nitty Gritty Mississippi (Jim Dickinson)
7.He Made A Woman Out of Me (Amy Madigan)
8.Feelin' Bad Blues (Ry Cooder & Jim Dickinson)
9.Somebody's Callin' My Name (Bobby King, Sam King, Arnold McCuller & Willie Green, Jr.)
10.Willie Brown Blues (Joe Seneca)
11.Walkin' Away Blues (Ry Cooder & Sonny Terry)
Bonus Tracks (from Steve Vai's The Elusive Light And Sound Vol. I)
12.Fried Chicken (Steve Vai)
13.Butler's Bag (Steve Vai)
14.Head-Cuttin' Duel (Ry Cooder & Steve Vai)
15.Eugene's Trick Bag (Steve Vai)


Paris, Texas (1984) Wim Wenders (Germany)

Superb performances from Harry Dean-Stanton (as always), Dean Stockwell and Natassja Kinski. I don't know what else to say, other than watch it.

Ry Cooder (USA) Paris, Texas (1985)

1.Paris, Texas
3.Nothing Out There
4.Canción Mixteca feat. Jim Dickinson, Nastassja Kinski, David Lindley & Harry Dean Stanton
5.No Safety Zone
6.Houston In Two Seconds
7.She's Leaving the Bank
8.On the Couch
9.I Knew These People feat. Jim Dickinson, Nastassja Kinski, David Lindley & Harry Dean Stanton
10.Dark Was the Night

Friday 12 March 2010

Fenriz aka DJ V.K.O.M. presents... Trapped Under Vice, Vol. III

Trapped Under Vice, Vol. III is here. This mix needs no introduction from me, so it’s over to Fenriz...
My idea here was just to show what metal punk CAN BE FOR ME, and what it was my entire life!
All of the vinyls were pulled out of the shelves, those vinyls I always had since the 80s, plus one
from the new Darkthrone test press. In the beginning I thought y’all could figure out the track listing
by helping each other out on the comments page, but then that COULD be braindead and also…

…some people are squares. So, here’s the tracklisting of this continuous two vinyl decks and mixer comp:
OH, and the first track is there to throw off the posers. Again.
00:00 Sacrilege (UK) “Search Eternal” (1987) None more epic, mesmerised me from an early age.
10:36 Puke (Sweden) “Klockan Går, Klämtar Och Slår” (1987) The mid-part has a gorgeous riff.
14:17 Voivod (Canada) “Tornado” (1987) OK, so I “always” drop this track.
20:18 Onslaught (UK) “The Devil’s Legion” (1985) Cuz “Thermonuclear” is a bit overplayed.
24:24 Iron Maiden (UK) “Purgatory” (1981) Yeah, definitely metal NWOBHM-punk.
27:40 Carnivore (USA) “Inner Conflict” (1987) Talk about trademark bass-sound!
32:40 English Dogs (UK) “Enter the Domain” (1987) A WATER-intro, no less.
37:47 Metallica (USA) “Metal Militia” (1983) Hell yeah, metal punk aesthetic.42:53 Darkthrone (Norway) “I Am the Graves of the 80s” (2010) Why ain’t my last name ANDERSON?!
45:44 Dr. Know (USA) “War Theatre” (1988) From grossly underestimated album.
50:27 Motörhead (UK) “Fire, Fire” (1980) The last part ALWAYS give me goosebumps. holy SHIT!
53:00 Celtic Frost (Switzerland) “Into the Crypts of Rays” (1984) C’mon, I had to.
#goodbye-track#57:14 Warfare (UK) “Murder on Melrose” (1986) This features the only good mixing-transition on this mix, haha!
The mix is an hour long, in one, continuous track. It includes the artwork which is the correct size for a tape cover, so get yourself a 120-minute tape, record the mix on both sides, print your cover, and it will look as killer as this bad boy…