Saturday 22 August 2009

Interview with Nattefrost & Kvelertak

Last weekend I went on a metal pilgrimage to Norway, he's the first part of many posts from that trip. Watch out for interviews with Appollyon of Aura Noir, Sindre of Nekromantheon and some pics from Fenriz's house...

I got a bit of a surprise when I arrived at Øya Festival. I met with Marvin of Kvelertak (who subsequently had high blood pressure and had to go to hosptial after their show) and he informed me that they were going to be joined onstage by none other than Carpathian Forest frontman “Hellcommander” Nattefrost. Obviously I was psyched to interview them. You may know Nattefrost from his appearance on the cover of Vice Books’ Peter Beste publication, True Norwegian Black Metal, or from those t-shirts with the distended anus on the back. Anyways, I caught up with them after their show, which was high octane stuff (Kvelertak are kind of to black metal what the Gallows are to hardcore, if you know what I mean). Anyways, here’s what they and “Satan’s Terrorist” had to say.

Vice: So, how did you get involved with these guys?

Nattefrost: You know my bands from before?

I certainly do.

N: Yeah, cool. No, through a friend they contacted me, wanted to see if I could try out a few songs, which I’m normally sceptical about because I don’t like working with other bands too much. Well anyway, when I saw the lyrics and heard the music was a mixture of many styles, I was sold.

How does it feel to have Nattefrost on your side?

Marvin: It was a dream come true, ha ha ha. I’ve been a fan for a long time.

From Carpathian Forest through to his solo stuff?

M: I love Carpathian Forest and Nattefrost. I’m very happy I got the opportunity to work with him.

N: I remember meeting them before going to the studio, I wasn’t sure if I was the right man for the band. In so many cases if you do backing vocals for a band it doesn’t give you shit back because there has to be something there. One thing would help: if I could write their lyrics. But they did a great job so I didn’t have to think about it, ha ha.

So you didn’t have to tone it down to work with these guys?

N: No, no, no. I remember I was holding some notes and I fucking passed out in the studio, ha ha.

Oh yeah, you guys told me about this yesterday. Wanna run through it again?

M: He came to the studio and we gave him a bottle of whiskey, 15 minutes later he’d drunk the whole thing and passed out during a recording session. So one of the screams you’re hearing in the songs is actually him falling over and passing out, ha ha ha.

So that’s all on record, yeah?

M: Yep, that’s on the track “Fossegrim”.

How many tracks on your record is he featured on?

M: It’s only for promotional use, we’re definitely gonna use him when we record our record.

So just two promos so far?

M: Yeah, we’re talking to some record companies now, we should have a deal worked out in like a month or something; we’re negotiating right now. The plan is to get the record out as soon as possible. We’re hoping for a release early next year.

Will it be in a similar vein to the tracks you played out today?

M: That’s basically the record we played today, what’s going to be the record.

Were you surprised to play at Oya Festival, considering that you’re unsigned?

M: We played a small festival that mainly showcases new bands – a bit like SXSW but in Norway. We played there and the ball started to roll from there. Then we got booked for the Roskilde Festival – things kinda started there.

How long have you guys been together?

M: Well, I’ve only been in the band for two months, I just replaced the old guitar player, but the band’s been going for about a year.

Quite big turning it round in a year, playing one of the bigger stages here at Oya?

M: Yeah sure, I mean, we don’t even have a record yet as we’re unsigned.

People were loving you though, huh?

M: Yeah, we’re stoked.

All types of people too, it was a really mixed crowd – kids, etc.

M: We were a bit nervous about that, but hey, you gotta catch them early, ha ha ha.

How’ve you found Oya Festival?

M: I saw Aura Noir, just saw the second half, but it was great. Ulver were really good on Wednesday. I actually saw the Bronx.

How about you, Nattefrost? You’re a busy guy these days, I hear you’ve got a new album coming out?

N: Yeah.

More “Terrorism“?

N: “Nekronaut Pt. II” was the last part of that.

On Engangsgrill?

N: Yeah.

I love that record, I especially like the track that starts with the shotgun being loaded followed by the acoustic guitar/campfire vibes.

N: [At this point he goes off on some weird tangent. I think we're possibly not talking about the same track.] You know what that song is about? I am making fun of everyone in Carpathian Forest, telling them how fucking gay they all are – that the drummer has an extra Adam’s apple, the guitarist is really into fucking golden retrievers, and Salte, he… fucks… ugly… cunts.

Ha ha ha. Funnily enough, a friend of mine is obsessed with jacking off to porn and listening to your music. What do you have to tell him?

N: Yeah? I think it’s very respectful, er, but he must be very single and it must be like escapism from World Of Warcraft or your other boring world.

Ha ha ha. Okay, that’s about it. Anything to add?

N: More fellatio.

Saturday 1 August 2009

Watch Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, Lost Highway & Hotel Room

Maybe Lynch's three greatest movies. Wild At Heart will always be my favourite, the car crash scene with Sherilyn Fenn is easily the hottest thing of all time. Well, it challenges Salma Hayek's snakedance in From Dusk Till Dawn anyways. Oh, and Powermad are in it too...

Blue Velvet (1986) David Lynch (USA)
Blue Velvet

Wild At Heart (1990) David Lynch (USA)
Wild At Heart

Lost Highway (1997) David Lynch (USA)
Lost Highway

Also, I only recently got acquainted with a HBO show Mr. Lynch did after Twin Peaks called Hotel Room, it ran for 3 episodes, Lynch directing both the first and third installment. To be honest they're pretty weird 30 min short stories, the last featuring Crispin Glover and an enchanting Alicia Witt being my favourite.

David Lynch's Hotel Room (1993) David Lynch (USA)
David Lynch's Hotel Room
Here is a link to Hotel Room in 8 RapidShare parts.