Thursday 16 October 2014

Midnite Madness LXIV - Live Evil Special 2014

ALRIGHT. The time has come again for another radio onslaught. This show, as promised, is a Live Evil Special, featuring part of last week's mix, plus 75+ minutes of the best of the bands to have played the previous three festivals. A cracker, if I do say so myself. Also features brand-new tracks from upcoming Zom Flesh Assimilation and Deathhammer Evil Power LPs.
Midnite Madness will return for the penultimate show of the year (/ever? I have not decided yet) on November 11th, and will most likely will be a Norwegian black metal show, as I haven't done one and have intended to do so since show one. December's show will be a 2014 one, that is guaranteed. SOON!

And this just in—set times for this weekend's festival from Marek and the guys.

22.15 Deathhammer
21.15 Ranger
20.15 Amulet
19.15 Division Speed

SATURDAY 2PM - 2AM (Ticket Collection from 2pm!!)

21.00 Manilla Road
19.45 Antichrist
18.45 Morbus Chron
17.45 Nocturnal
16.45 Portrait
15.45 Lizzies

18.15 Wytch Hazel
17.15 (Surprise act!)
16.15 Nocturnal Witch
15.15 Riddles

9.45 Nifelheim
8.00 Quartz
6.30 Vulcano
5.30 Lecherous Gaze
4.30 Bunker 66
3.30 Nightmare City

22:00 Heavy Metal Karaoke and Records

Looks epic, can't wait. See you there!

Thursday 9 October 2014

A Fist In The Face Of God presents... Live Evil Mix 2014

Artwork illustration by Andrew Walter
Live Evil festival is back for another year, and this year's line-up is as strong as any previous, if not the toughest lineup yet. So if you live near The Dome in Tufnell Park, be prepared to spend next weekend sharing the streets with lots of men wearing patched vests, bullet belts, moustaches and leather, as well as plenty of women in very similar get-ups, minus the facial hair, hopefully.
So, in annual fashion, here is a mix featuring one track from each of this year's participants. I lovingly pieced the tracks that curators Marek Steven and Oscar Tuttiett sent me over, with tracks running in chronological order from oldest to newest. There's even a brand-new, exclusive track on here from the mighty Deathhammer's soon-to-be unleashed third album, Evil Power, and also some brand-new stuff from the Marek's own Amulet, and Italy's speed metalpunks Bunker 66. I will let the guys do the rest of the talking followed by the mix.
What we have here are some of our favourite tracks from the amazing 19 international acts from this year's Live Evil Festival. Every year of the fest so far has been legendary and we will feel genuinely lucky to help this event happen. There is something very special about the atmosphere that is inclusive, fun, and completely unhinged, all at the same time. Every year we have bands that get huge shortly afterwards and others who remain unappreciated cult acts, and this year we genuinely think it's the best line-up yet. Still some tickets left so don't miss out - we look forward to hosting you!
Marek Steven and Oscar Tuttiett—Live Evil
1. Quartz (UK) - "Satan's Serenade" [1980]
2. Manilla Road (USA) - "Hammer of the Witches" [1985]
3. Vulcano (Brazil) - "Spirits of Evil" [1986]
4. Nifelheim (Sweden) - "Storm of the Reaper" [2007]
5. Division Speed (Germany) - "Ominous Silence" [2009]
6. Antichrist (Sweden) - "Dark Sorcery" [2011]
7. Wytch Hazel (England) - "Wytch Hazel" [2011]
8. Lizzies (Spain) - "Sacrifice" [2013]
9. Ranger (Finland) - "Steel Dawn" [2013]
10. Nocturnal (Germany) - "Rising Demons" [2014]
11. Bunker 66 (Italy) - "(She's Got) Demon Eyes" [2014]
12. Deathhammer (Norway) - "Powertrip (Unreleased)" [2014]
13. Nocturnal Witch (Germany) - "Black Star" [2014]
14. Nightmare City (Sweden) - "Nightmare City" [2014]
15. Morbus Chron (Sweden) - "Towards A Dark Sky" [2014]
16. Lecherous Gaze (USA) - "End Rising" [2014]
17. Riddles (England) - "Psychedelic Power Engine Iron Claw Thunder Mistress" [2014]
18. Amulet (England) - "Glint of the Knife" [2014]
19. Portrait (Sweden) - "Mother Sun [Judas Priest cover]" [2014]

And don’t forget there’s a pre-Live Evil show next Wednesday the 15th at east London’s premier blackout drunk vortex, The Alibi, featuring one of the festival’s act’s, the USA’s Lecherous Gaze.
Also, next Tuesday I will hosting a special Live Evil show on my radio transmission, Midnite Madness, 12am next Wednesday morning. You've been warned!