Friday 30 May 2014

Midnite Madness LIX - BANZAI!

Unfortunately due to conflicting schedules, Maniac Monday is no more. However, it has been renamed as Midnite Madness (same initials, just another stupid title) and now airs once a month at witching hour. So no more 9-11GMT shows every two weeks unfortunately, but one a month regardless for the same 120 minutes as always. Here are the remaining shows for the year:
-June 24th
-July 22nd
-August 19th
-September 16th
-October 14th
-November 11th
-December 9th
Which will take me up to 66 shows in total. These air at midnite UK time, alright? ALRIGHT.
Onto the most recent effort then, a Banzai Records show. Again, this is not the best tracks released on the legendary Banzai imprint, but perhaps my favourite records and tracks I hadn't played off them already over the last 58 shows. It came out pretty good so go download and play it fucking LOUD on the train or mow the lawn to it. Hails to all the 80s gods who appeared on this epic two-hour journey through 80s metal, without you I might not be here, ughhh...

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Maniac Monday LVIII - Demo Entrails IV—2000AD

A one-hour show for you, dear maniacs, which was due to some takeover on NTS. No biggie, it gave me the chance to play some stuff that just would've gotten lost in a two-hour show. It was tough deciding on which show to represent for an hour only, and I almost did an all-Metallica one, a 1994 show and some others, but decided on this instead.
But, this is not the last of Demo Entrails. There will be one collecting all my favourite demos soon, which is why I left out 2000s demo titans like Deathhammer, Antichrist, Bastard Priest etc. from this edition.
Anyways, I am all set now for monthly shows from here on in, with the next being on May 26th, the following June 23rd to my knowledge, so be ready!

Monday 5 May 2014

Maniac Monday LVII - Epicvs Metallicvs IV

Finally, show 57, another Epicvs Metallicvs. Yes, as mentioned in the show, this is a lazy effort, as it really is the castaways-ish from three shows back. But as I also said, this is due to total radio burnout after 57 shows, all but one being a two-hour show. It is just getting tougher to come up with something different now with the way the show is structured etc, and after this month I will only be doing one a month, probably until the year's end and then SILENCIO.
Sorry if this is a bummer to anyone, but it's time. The next show on May 12th will only be one hour long and it commences at 2200GMT, so bear that in mind as something else will be playing during my usual first hour. If anyone wants a download link, just ask.