Tuesday 13 May 2014

Maniac Monday LVIII - Demo Entrails IV—2000AD

A one-hour show for you, dear maniacs, which was due to some takeover on NTS. No biggie, it gave me the chance to play some stuff that just would've gotten lost in a two-hour show. It was tough deciding on which show to represent for an hour only, and I almost did an all-Metallica one, a 1994 show and some others, but decided on this instead.
But, this is not the last of Demo Entrails. There will be one collecting all my favourite demos soon, which is why I left out 2000s demo titans like Deathhammer, Antichrist, Bastard Priest etc. from this edition.
Anyways, I am all set now for monthly shows from here on in, with the next being on May 26th, the following June 23rd to my knowledge, so be ready!


Anonymous said...

You know what you could do if you're feeling radio burnout man? You could also make some mixtapes/compilations...
Like an anarcho punk compilation, a crust punk one, a grindcore one, a doom metal one, a classic rock one.
And post it all here for download at 320 kbps.
That would be awesome!!!!!


That would definitely be MORE work than the two-hour show, but who knows

There is now a new time and day for the show anyways—Tuesday at Midnite GMT. So I guess I gotta come up with a new name now...

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't mean that you should do all of it at once, more like one mixtape/compilation a month at the most. But thank you for considering the suggestion.
New name for the radio show? I got one - PRIMITIVE FUTURE!!!!!!!


Hmmm NOT BAD, but not the biggest fan of that record

It is now called MIDNITE MADNESS as it keeps the initials and feel of the orignal name. Maybe MIDNITE MANIACS or MANIAC MIDNITE could work also, who cares