Friday 14 November 2014

Midnite Madness LXV - Unholy Norwegian Forces of Evil IV

Here it is, finally, the long-awaited Norwegian-only edition of the Unholy Forces of Evil franchise is GO. Again, this is not a definitive compendium as such, more a ripping collection of tracks from the golden era of Norwegian metal—the mid-80s to the mid-90s. Well, it is still exporting many greats, but it was then that it all started, and this show is just giving props to those bands who, like or not (Emperor!), changed the sound of so-called "extreme metal".
Also, I wanted to use my outlet to showcase the actual music from two of the scene's pioneers whose myth and legend has somewhat obscured what should be their musical legacy. I am of course talking about Mayhem and Burzum, so hour two is almost fully occupied by tracks from their best (my favourite) releases, with a couple of Darkthrone tracks in-between. Refer back to the all-DT show for further listening on them, should you need it.
Midnite Madness will return for its final show of the year on December 9th with the 2014 show. There may be a new version of the show for 2015, but that has yet to be decided. SOON!