Tuesday 18 February 2014

Maniac Monday LII - DARKTHRONE—Lust for Hell (The Next 978 Years Are Still Theirs)

 YES. At last, it has arrived—the Darkthrone show. As mentioned at the top of the show, this is not a definitive guide to Darkthrone or anything like it, just me playing 22 Darkthrone tracks I haven't played on the show before (I have already played 22 tracks—a whole 'nother show's worth—over the past 52 shows), with one track appearing off each official release. Sure, I skipped the singles and anything retrospective pretty much, but you get the gist.
Nothing more to say here really except enjoy the show and here's hoping for more classic Darkthrone releases in the future!
Maniac Monday returns on March 3rd for more metal madness (I have no idea what exactly yet because I can't stop listening to Juju, Catastrophe Ballet, and Closer, haha. Maybe a deathrock show :P), so be sure to tune in then. Or wait and get it here afterwards. The choices are yours, motrals...

Thursday 6 February 2014

Maniac Monday LI - Total Death II

It's been some time coming, but here's a fresh death metal show for your brain to devour. In classic MM form, hour one is 80s and 90s gems, with hour two covering post-00s bands.
It was great to finally play a few things I've wanted to for a while—like Excoriate and Deathcult—yet I still managed to forget Possession and some other stuff. Oh well, there will something similarly evil again soon, faithful maniacs.
Maybe the next show will be this Darkthrone one I have mentioned more than once in the past, who knows (I certainly don't). Tune in to NTS on February 16th to find out...