Tuesday 16 August 2011

Fenriz' Metal Merchants Festival DJ Set, Vol. II

Fenriz' Metal Merchants Festival DJ Set, Vol. II

So it's been just over six months since I last directed your gaze into the kaleidoscope of metal through the ages from regular AFITFOG mixmaker Fenriz aka DJ V.K.O.M., but fear not, here we have part two of his legendary Metal Merchants DJ Set mixes. Words from the man after the break.

Fenriz’ Metal Merchants Festival DJ Set, Vol. II
Fenriz' Metal Merchants Festival DJ Set, Vol. II

Metal Merchants festival in Norway Oslo keeps on giving, and it seems it will happen YET AGAIN - and for the Live Evil festival in October I've chosen two bands that convinced me when seeing them live at MMs. And so, as the first part of my Dj set for the first Metal Merchants festival HAS been unleashed here already, it's also only fair that NOW COMES PART TWO. it's been a private compilation up to now, where all you punters and all-round GEEZERS can hear it as well. Heavy metal never left, Baby!!!


1. UFO (England) "Rock Bottom" (1974)
2. Mindless Sinner (Sweden) "Master of Evil" (1983)
3. Karnax (Canada) "To Hell" (2007)
4. Attacker (USA) "Battle at Helm's Deep" (1985)
5. Pagan Altar (England) "Pagan Altar" (1982)
6. Em Ruinas (Brazil) "Burn in Hell" (2007)
7. Coven (USA) "General's Eye" (1987)
8. Omega (USA) "Shadows of the Past" (1987)
9. Luzbel (Mexico) "Hijos del Metal" (1986)
10. Thor (Canada) "When Gods Collide" (1985)
11. Manilla Road (USA) "Haunted Palace" (1987)
12. Ozzy Osbourne (England) "S.A.T.O." (1981)
13. Cloven Hoof (England) "The Gates of Gehenna" (1984)
14. Rat Attack (USA) "Reaper's Prey" (1983)
15. Accept (Germany) "Free Me Now" (1979)
16. Exciter (Canada) "Rising of the Dead" (1983)
17. Aria (Russia) "Antichrist" (1991)
18. Scorpions (Germany) "Robot Man" (1975)

Speaking of Live Evil, the line-up for the Fenriz-curated festival's second billing has just been announced and this year's free pre-show will be held at The Old Blue Last. The line-up for that features Norway's Deathhammer—who tore up last year's pre-show and festival (and Daniel's pants), and Nekromantheon—who played the best live thrash set I have ever seen on the Saturday, completing the bill are Germany's Occvlta, who were featured in one of Vice's Noisey shows.

Apparently, if they sell another 100 tickets by mid-August for the festival there will be another headliner added to Saturday's bill, so come on and dig not-so-deep - it is £30 for two days of the best underground metal out there right now. I will be interviewing some more of the bands on the bill in the coming months, so keep checking back for more info and possible additions to the line-up.