Tuesday 22 March 2016


Fuck, I know these posts are getting less and less frequent, and for that I apologise, but I guess I was being a little unrealistic saying I would post every Monday in the beginning, eh. So, from now I will try to post something weekly, or whenever I can. Got loads of demos, just not enough time/desire to use the fucking internet (hate).
So with all that outta the way, here's the killer Nightmare City demo that Henry Yuan's excellent Electric Assault Records put out a few years back. They're actually playing London tomorrow night with local deathpunk scumlords, Shallow Sanction, at the Unicorn in Camden (ish). And it's free. Oh, and DJ DSOD—Amulet's Dave Sherwood on Drums—is DJing. I am hoping this broken old vessel is going to permit my attendance, but will of course be a blast either way.

Nightmare City (Sweden) Nightmare Tape [2014]
1. Nightmare City
2. Do You Wanna Die?
3. Distortion Til Deaf
4. Riders of Doom

Friday 11 March 2016

Midnite Madness LXXXII—Maidens of Metal

ALRIGHT. Show 82 and number three for this year sees me return to my gimmicky old ways with a themed show—this one featuring female singers/bands only. As always, it isn't any sort of definitive list, just 60 minutes of metal cooked up for you to listen to once and never again (probably).
The ancient returns on April 8th for more Midnite Madness, and I've now got a bunch of new stuff to play so be sure to tune in then. Soon!

Tuesday 1 March 2016

DEMOndays XX

I know it's been a month since I last posted a demo on here, apologies. Just been busy and sick, but mainly busy being sick. Lame!
ANYWAYS, here is one of the best demos of the so-called "modern era"—Bastard Priest's d-beat death metal blitzkrieg, Merciless Insane Death, ripped from my own copy of the demo. Yes, these tracks are the B-side of their debut "album", Under The Hammer Of Destruction, but I am fairly sure they re-mastered it or re-recorded the drums or something, because this version sounds way better. Hard to believe it is almost 10 years old, too, but really hoping for a return from these lords one day soon. Was killer to see Maim play the title track of this (with Sindre of Obliteration on vocals if memory serves me correctly?) at Live Evil 2011. Mightiest hails to Matt Mendoza and Inventor. Death metal or DIE!!!
Bastard Priest (Sweden) Merciless Insane Death [2008]
1. Under the Hammer of Destruction
2. From Beyond
3. Merciless Insane Death
4. Graveyard Sacrifice
5. En Hälsning Från Helvetet (Bombanfall cover)
DISCLAIMER: If you own the recording and want it removed, please do not be an internet snitch and make a DMCA claim, just email me or leave a comment and I will remove it. Thanks.