Wednesday 27 June 2012

Maniac Monday, obituary X - Heavy Metal Mania

Apologies again for the week-long delay posting this and thanks to Witch Cross for making Fit For Fight, which basically inspired this show.
Next one is in five days, on July 2nd, and will, I think, be a split show of covers and self-titled songs. Maybe this is getting gimmicky now, but until I have everything out I won't be repeating any themes just yet, so keep it locked!





Wednesday 13 June 2012

DJ Fenriz - The Human Touch

Shit, someone just alerted me to the fact that I was SUPER-SLACK when I mentioned this a while back, only to end up posting it on VICE exclusively. Well, apologies to all that waited for it never to come just like a good old English "summer", but the wait is finally over.
I spoke to Mr Nagell one lazy afternoon whilst he was busy making himself some pasta, about his love of electronic music and how he got into DJing house and techno, and you can listen to the interview in the zipped file below along with the mix. That is the man himself, above, with some of his old dance mixtapes. I took that picture at 4AM while we were busy listening to Ellis Dee at World Dance '94—no, I am not making this up—at his place in February after seeing Aura Noir, Nekromantheon, and Condor in Drammen.
The mix was made organically, meaning no Ableton or any of that jazz, last June, and it's a good one. Enjoy.

DJ Fenriz (Norway) The Human Touch (June 2011)

1.D5 "Sequensa" (2006)
2.Sunkiss "Untitled (Darker)" (1998)
3.D5 "Sides of Space" (2006)
4.Sunkiss "Contact" (1998)
5.Nubian Mindz "Red Sky" (2005)
6.Rau "The Blessing" (2010)
7.Shed "728" (2005)
8.Contra Communem Opinionem "A Radiance of Love Part 1" (2009)
9.D5 "Lab Work" (2007)


Monday 11 June 2012

Maniac Monday, obituary IX - Hail Quorthon

Sorry for the delay posting this, I only just found it online now. Total Bathory worship to mark the mighty Quorthon's 8-year anniversary last week. Thanks to him for making some of the best records EVER and to Fenriz, Daniel Salsten, Sindre Solem, Brad Smith, and Tom Swine for taking some time out to talk about Bathory for the show.
Next show will either be 1986-only or another heavy metal set. Not sure yet, trying not to play thrash every week haha so I may go with the latter. Tune in at 2100GMT on Monday June 18th to find out!