Thursday 4 June 2015

Midnite Madness LXXII—Ride Hard Die Fast

 ALRIGHT. Show 72. That's 143 hours of Midnite Madness, in case any one is counting. Yup, over five days of REAL METAL, ughhh.
But anyways, back to the 'new' show formula where I (try to) recall my month's listenings since the last show. OK, given last month's show was a doom special, this is more like a few months worth, but hey, was great to play out some stuff that has been on the vast MM playlist since day one and of course some newer stuff, too.
I return like the ancient gods themselves at this month's very end—June 30th—for more Midnite Madness. Might be that Maiden show I keep banging on about, or the tape show I have mentioned before, but time shall tell. Soon!