Tuesday 25 September 2012


Yes! It's been forty years since the release of Black Sabbath Vol. 4 and to celebrate that and to up the Sabbath-count on the show I did a special one-hour all-Sabbath show. Of course, these are not the ten definitive Sabbath tracks or anything—that's what best ofs are for—these are just some favourites, so enjoy.
Be back on air again this week live from New York, will post that show once it happens. Next regular show will be back to two hours and will be on October 8th, 9-11GMT, where I will be playing... ?
Soon, maniacs!

Guardian of Evil

The Sentinel (1977) Michael Winner (England)

Wow, this one totally blew me away having only watched it for the first time recently. Without giving too much away, if you are a fan of The Beyond, then you will love this as this is the basis for that movie, pretty much. I will let the amazing cast and storyline do the rest from here...

Thursday 13 September 2012

Maniac Monday XVI - Total Death

Ughhh, another Maniac Monday, another two hours of brutality. This fortnite's show see me tackle death metal again, but this is the last of the grimness for a minute, promise. Will be some speed and thrash shows coming again, a new punk one with some crossover—what the fuck!?—in there, and, of course, the Sabbath show I KEEP promising. The next show anyway will be aired live from New York City. As soon as I know more I will let you know as this might be a special along with my next show, due to air on September 24th. Sorry for the confusion but keep looking here and all shall be revealed...
Also, I have just been alerted to the fact that the Soundcloud links are only sticking round for a few months worth of shows, so if there is one that is missing I haven't already uploaded to mediafire, just ask and I can make it happen.