Thursday 18 February 2016

A Fist in the Face of God presents... Too Fast to Die!!!—Sgt. Salsten's Raging Metal Mix!

Since Sergeant Salsten moved to Tasmania, his band workload has gone down, understandably (even though he is working on a speed metal project down there called Torpedo, shhh), and his time for making insanely cool mixes has increased. I've posted a lot of killer compilations on here over the years, and many have surprised with me with their selections, but Daniel's are something else.

First of all, he draws his own covers, and secondly, he usually sends what most people would consider two, maybe even three mixtape's worth of tracks, this one being no exception. I can't praise this one enough, but at over two hours running time it really shall separate the die-hards from the dabblers. I'll leave the the rest in his more than capable hands...

So Dylan asked me to do another mix and I thought this time I'll make one with only violent death and thrash metal. Some of the bands actually lean more towards speed or black metal, but most importantly it's all fast and ripping, no wimpy shit guaranteed! So grab a six-pack or two and break your neck with these intense tunes for a couple of hours if ya got the balls. This mix is way long so only for sick maniacs, thrash to the death cuz there is no tomorrow!

1. Aggression (Canada) - "Blaspheming at the Altar" [1985]
2. Savage Death (USA) - "Legions of Doom" [1985]
3. Slaughter Lord (Australia) - "Die by Power" [1986]
4. Vellocet (Germany) - "Assassin on Attack" [1986]
5. Vomit (Norway) - "Armies of Hell" [1987]
6. Terminal Death (USA) - "Judge Death" [1985]
7. Kruiz (Russia) - "Poslednij Rassvet" [1987]
8. Invocator (Denmark) - "Dismal Serfage" [1988]
9. Debustrol (Czech Republic) - "Antikrist" [1990]
10. Mein Kampf (Japan) - "Speeder" [1985]
11. Disaster (Chile) - "Desquiciado" [2004]
12. Kreator (Germany) - "After the Attack" [1988]
13. Bombarder (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - "Speed Metal Manijak" [1991]
14. Spectral Birth (Australia) - "Frog of Fear" [1990]
15. Witchhammer (Norway) - "Curiosity About Death" [1990]
16. Leviathan (USA) - "Destructive Aggressor" [1987]
17. Korrozia Metalla (Russia) - "Чёрный террор" [1988]
18. Backwater (Germay) - "Rock Hard" [1984]
19. Vader (Poland) - "The Final Massacre" [1989]
20. Dorsal Atlântica (Brazil) - "Depressão Suicida" [1986]
21. Second Hell (Holland) - "Homicide" [1986]
22. Devastation (USA) - "Apocalyptic Warrior" [1986]
23. Xandril (Germany) - "Nearly Dead" [1988]
24. Evil Blood (Croatia) - "Kill with Napalm" [1986]
25. The Beast (USA) - "Pitbull Terror" [1986]
26. Metal Storm (Germany) - "Suicide Commando" [1987]
27. Pyöveli (Finland) - "Metal Forces" [2003]
28. VooDoo (Poland) - "Da Czadu VooDoo" [1987]
29. Casbah (Japan) - "Death Metal" [1986]
30. Dismember (Sweden) - "Substantually Dead" [1988]
31. Atomic Aggressor (Chile) - "Bloody Ceremonial" [1989]
32. Outrage (Germany) - "Into the Abyss of Belial" [1985]
33. Mutilator (Brazil) - "Evil Conspiracy" [1986]
34. Sodom (Germany) - "Live from Hell" [1984]
35. Acheron (USA) - "The Enochian Key" [1992]

Friday 12 February 2016

Midnite Madness LXXXI—Cult of Madness

ALRIGHT. Another dose for all you maniacs. Some old, some new, all shit I've been listening to since the last show, as is the way nowadays.
Apologies for the no-demo post this week, I just didn't have time what with composing this week's show and also sorting Sgt. Salsten's new mix, which I will post once VICE have posted it first (looking like it'll be next week now). For now you will have to enjoy the preview towards the end of this week's show. SOON!
P.S. The screenshot above is from the so-far last instalment of Twin Peaks, a movie compiled using mostly outtakes from the Fire Walk With Me movie—imaginatively titled Fire Walk With Me: The Missing Piecesbut also additional scenes after the last shot from the original TV series. Crazy this exists and I only found out about it last week. So, assuming I am not the only one who missed it, it is here for those of you who would like to see it. Recommended for TP maniacs only!

Monday 1 February 2016


I didn't forget! Okay, I almost did, hence the slightly obvious choice here. Well, perhaps not everyone has heard this, so if you haven't, I envy you. This is one of the best demos of the 80s, for me. Its deathrashing intensity and sheer malevolence have limited my listening of this to as little as possible, as it usually makes me want to smash up the whole house, etc. haha. Death metal or DIE!!!
Necrovore (USA) Divus De Mortuus [1987]
1. Mutilated Death
2. Slaughtered Remains
3. Divus de Mortuus
4. Toxic Decay
This is one of many rips I found on the internet over the years and it is the one I've settled with cos having, like, four different versions was annoying, haha. However, if you have a better recording, higher-res artwork, info regarding the demo, etc, PLEASE either mail it direct to me here or simply add a link in the comment section. And don't try to rip it from one of the compilations or bootlegs, original tape rip please!

DISCLAIMER: If you own the recording and want it removed, please do not be an internet snitch and make a DMCA claim, just email me or leave a comment and I will remove it. Thanks.