Thursday 16 June 2011

A Fist in the Face of God presents... Thrashing Rage - A Mix by Brad & Cato

Okay, so it's taken me an AGE to get it together to post anything on here, but the metal Gods have blessed us with a brand new mix, of the thrash variety, courtesy of regular A Fist in the Face of God mixmaker Bradley Smith and Deathhammer's Cato Stormoen.
In a similar vein to the crust mix Brad did for me with Sindre back in March, this was conducted solely over email, as Brad is still living it up in Hawaii while Cato leaves in a cave somewhere in Norway, battling the cold winds of death. Anyways, it is an impressive line-up, with some surprises for even the most weathered thrasher out there. Words from Brad and Cato below.

So many thrash bands out there never received the attention they truly deserved, so I took this opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite up and coming thrash maniacs to spread the word on some unheralded, yet truly explosive and corrosive bands. So I'll keep this short and sweet and let the music do the talking. Thrash Hard!!!
I have never collaborated on a comp like this before so I just piled together some killer tracks which I thought would fit. Some old favorite tracks of mine and also some stuff I came across recently, like Anacrusis. The cool thing about this für mich is the amount of new bands I discovered through Bradley's side of the comp. Hails and play it loud! DIE HARD!!!

1. Protector (Germany) "Protector of Death" (1986)
2. Morbid Saint (USA) "Assassin" (1988)
3. Soothsayer (Canada) "Build the Terrorism" (1986)
4. Burnt Offering (USA) "Power of Death" (1989)
5. Hobbs' Angel Of Death (Australia) "Cold Steel" (1988)
6. Toxodeth (Mexico) "Black Doom" (1988)
7. Dolmen (USA) "The Ritual Night" (1989)
8. Pentagram [Mezarkabul] (Turkey) "Intro (Wreck)/Rotten Dogs" (1990)
9. Messiah (Switzerland) "Hyper Borea" (1987)
10. Ulysses Siren (USA) "Above the Ashes" (1987)
11. Infernäl Mäjesty (Canada) "Into the Unknown" (1988)
12. Sindrome (USA) "Rapture in Blood" (1987)
13. Anacrusis (USA) "Imprisoned" (1988)
14. Sacred Reich (USA) "No Believers" (1987)
15. Nasty Savage (USA) "Fear Beyond the Vision" (1985)
16. Lääz Rockit (USA) "Last Breath" (1987)
17. Demonax (USA) "Evil's Cast Aside" (1984)
18. Holy Terror (USA) "Debt of Pain" (1988)


Vijay Prozak said...

This is totally cool! I remember some of these songs being on records I always wanted, but could never afford. It brings back the power of this music at the time, which got kind of overshadowed by how dramatic certain larger bands could be. Thanks for posting this!

Mari said...

Ah, another killer mix, guys ... Thanks a lot!

I started spreading the news by making a post about this comp on one of the blogs I collaborate with:

Please, don't stop with these compiling "exercises" ... \m/

Brad said...

Thanks for reposting Mari and for your kind words. Much appreciated! I hope you are busy thrashing hard!!!!