Friday 30 December 2011

Non-Remasters Of Reality, pt. II

Voivod (Canada) War And Pain (1984) Pony Canyon Inc. [PCCY-00104]

Enjoy this early Canadian beast ripped from a FLAC of the non-remastered 1990 Japanese CD press, at 320kbps. Sounds pretty much the same as my first press vinyl.
2.Warriors of Ice
3.Suck your Bone
4.Iron Gang
5.War and Pain
7.Live for Violence
8.Black City
9.Nuclear War

Slaughter (Canada) Strappado (1987) Fringe Product [FPL3028]

This vinyl rip of the first pressing is insanely cool and pretty much a totally different mix to even the first CD version released the same year on the same label. Not sure why, both mixes slay, but this is slightly cooler with its echoey vocals and slightly more discordant overall sound. A true classic, top ten ever, even.
2.The Curse
6.F.O.D. (Fuck of Death)
7.Tortured Souls
8.Nocturnal Hell
9.Tales of the Macabre

Sacrifice (Canada) Forward To Termination (1987) Metal Blade Records [72223-2]

First CD press by Restless Records/Metal Blade ripped from FLAC at 320kbps, with artowrk scans. If you haven't already got this one then today is your lucky day!
1.Forward to Termination
2.Terror Strikes
5.Flames of Armageddon
6.The Entity
7.Forever Enslaved
9.Light at the End
Next month: Brazil. No, maybe Germany.


Sid Sings (1979) said...

Strappado's a given and I'd say that Sacrifice one is pretty classic as well. War and Pain... well, it's no Killing Technology but I love its simplicity.

I've only got Strappado on CD so I'll just have to have a butcher's at this, to check out the vocals.

Sid Sings (1979) said...

Man, that bass on Tales Of the Macabre is just killer and it sounds cooler here than on the CD. So I guess this means that I'm going to have to hunt the vinyl down now. UGH!