Tuesday 31 January 2012

Non-Remasters Of Evil, pt. III

Sodom (Germany) Obsessed By Cruelty (1986) Steamhammer [SPV 08-2121]

Okay. So I am sure any of you reading this with half a brain burned by metal will already know there are two totally different versions of this album. Apparently this version was rejected by Metal Blade in favour of the thrahier one more readily available nowadays, which actually has its moments. This one is very much black metal, sounding almost at times as if it were played in the dark, with some slightly sloppy drumming, etc, but it really conjures up the most metal of feelings. It also has an extra track. If you're used to the other version this will maybe seem like a waste of time at first, but persevere cos it really is a classic and for all the right reasons. And the artwork, fuck, what a sleeve! But hey, what is that on top of the skull, a condor's claw trying to steal away the skull? Fuck knows, but thanks to Lockjaw or wherever this rip was attained from.

1.Intro (The Rebirth...)
2.Deathlike Silence
3.Brandish the Sceptre
4.Proselytism Real
6.After the Deluge
7.Obsessed by Cruelty
8.Fall of Majesty Town
10.Pretenders to the Throne
12.Volcanic Slut

Protector (Germany) Misanthropy (1987) I Hate Records [IHR CD 004]

Okay, this was actually taken from the 2003 comp Echoes From The Past, which comprises of this, the excellent demo, and the not-so hot (imo) full-length, Golem. HOWEVER, having thoroughly examined the liner notes (no mention of that hateful eight-letter word) and having listened to it several times, I can hear no bombastic bass etc. normally found on remasters. If you like the usual Teutonic masters, Possessed, Slaughter, etc. then you will love this. If you don't then why the hell are you here/reading this??? "Ago-ra-phobia" makes ME sick—literally! Best track on there, for me.

2.Holy Inquisition
4.The Mercenary
5.Kain and Abel

Deathrow (Germany) Raging Steel (1987) Noise [cd 09-4439]

This is another great post 86 Deutsch behemoth. Buy the vinyl, which seems to go cheap enough on eBay, if you play your cards right, and sounds FANTASTIC. If you haven't already got this then hurry up and click the link below before Medifire goes the way of Megaupload, et al. Maybe Medifire has its own "Im-mor-tali-tyyy"... Always thought Antichrist's already-classic Put To Death demo had a lot of this in it, personally. Front and back scans included.

1.The Dawn
2.Raging Steel
3.Scattered by the Wind
4.Dragon's Blood
5.The Thing Within
6.Pledge to Die
7.Mortal Dread
8.The Undead Cry
9.Beyond the Light

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