Tuesday 7 May 2013

Maniac Monday XXXII - SLAYER—Life's a Dream

Jeff Hanneman 1964-2013
The first Maniac Monday of May sees me paying tribute to Slayer, mainly as, unless you are living in North Korea and haven't heard, the world is now short one Jeff Hanneman. There will never be another band like them, so it felt fitting to pay homage to not only one of thrash's finest guitarists and song writers, but also to one of heavy metal's greatest ever bands. Cramming two hours of classic old Slayer into one show seemed almost mandatory.
I actually had the privilege to interview both Tom Araya and Kerry King just before the release of their last album, World Painted Blood, in 2009 in Sony's offices in west London. The following day myself and a friend shot the original line-up in a studio in east London, which was another highlight of my journalistic career. The compiled interview can be read here, the Tom Araya-only one here, and if anyone really wants to read the complete interview with Kerry King, then just say so and I will get to editing it.
Maniac Monday will return in just under two weeks with the black metal show that I am sure most of the show's listeneres are already bored of hearing me talk about, ha ha. 'til then...

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