Tuesday 23 September 2014

A Fist in the Face of God presents... Shallow Sanction

It seems that when it rains mixtapes, it pours. Not even a full week after I offered up an audible chasm of darkness in the form of Fenriz's latest opus comes a somewhat different mix altogether, this time compiled by two of the minds that make up east London's finest post-punk band, Shallow Sanction.
Well, post-punk isn't quite fitting, but before I started using words like "gothpunk" to describe their sound, I asked guitarist Jake Gill if making a mixtape would sum up the band's sound better than an interview full of questions they've likely already answered. He and frontman Jesse Cannon came up with a 60-minute trip into the psyche of Shallow Sanction, accompanied by these short, but fairly profound words:
Here lies a blitz of UK punk and industrial music for your aural pleasure. This mix for A Fist In the Face of God/VICE was pieced together by Jake Gill and Jesse Cannon, consisting of 15 tracks of prominent pieces of underground music that have influenced us and Shallow Sanction.
We are swimming in the lunar sea, drowning in insanity between the devil and the deep blue sea – our world is dying and nobody's driving!
1. Amebix - "Monolith/Nobody's Driving" from Monolith [1987]
2. Part 1 - "Ghost" from Pictures of Pain [1985]
3. Killing Joke - "Tension" from What's THIS For...! [1981]
4. Whitehouse - "Wriggle Like a Fucking Eel" from Bird Seed [2003]
5. Rudimentary Peni - "The Psycho Squat" from Death Church [1983]
6. Conflict - "Cruise" from Increase the Pressure [1984]
7. Vex - "World In Action" from Sanctuary [1984]
8. Crisis - "No Town Hall" from No Town Hall [1978]
9. Flowers In the Dustbin - "Nails of the Heart" from Nails of the Heart [1985]
10. UK Decay - "Middle of the Road Man" from The Black 45 EP [1980]
11. The Grey Wolves - "Beyond Hypocrisy" from Catholic Priests Fuck Children [1996]
12. Throbbing Gristle - "E-Coli" from D.o.A. The Third And Final Report [1978]
13. Flux of Pink Indians - "Tapioca Sunrise" from Strive to Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible [1982]
14. Omega Tribe - "Is This a Future?" from Angry Songs [1982]
15. Alternative TV - "You Bastard" from How Much Longer/You Bastard [1977]
16. The Mob - "Witch Hunt" from Let the Tribe Increase [1983]


Anonymous said...

This mixtape goes way beyond awesomeness! Any download link? Thanks and Ave!

Anonymous said...

Amazing mixtape! A download link would be most welcome.


Sorry for the delayed posting, but it is available on the link above now. ENJOY

Van Damned said...

Is there a way to download without signing in to a social media account?


Well, there must be, as I don't have any social media and I use 4shared regularly and I've never been asked for anything of the like. I have, however, been doing so on a Mac—PC user?