Thursday 29 November 2012

A Fist In The Face Of God presents... Still Holding Strong - A Compilation by Brad

Alright. On Maniac Monday XX I previewed some tracks from my buddy Bradley Smith's latest hardcore compilation, and, well, here it is. I will leave the talking to Brad and his mix from here on in.
Apologies for the no-download on this one. Every time either me, Brad, or Vice tried to upload it it got taken down within seconds. Really lame, but the Soundcloud link will have to suffice, I am afraid. Big thanks to whoever kept taking down, though. Your work has not gone unnoticed...

"This mix starts off really metallic, even darker and harder than anything I've compiled before, yet finishes with an uplifting, spiritual side. And with the mix's central core, I wanted to show the old school roots that unite all branches of hardcore. Free yourself of the darkness of man by returning to your roots and there you will achieve enlightenment. Or, taken another way, let hardcore own your soul from one end of the spectrum to the other." 

Tracklist: Still Holding Strong

1. Doughnuts (Sweden) "My Black Days" (1995)
2. Liar (Belgium) "Winterseason" (1996)
3. Overcast (USA) "Absolute Threshold" (1994)
4. Integrity (USA) "Taste My Sin" (2003)
5. Jihad (USA) "War Machine" (1995)
6. Stabbed By Words (USA) "Words" (2005)
7. The Suppression Swing (USA) "Forgotten" (1997)
8. Insight (USA) "Walk Away" (1990)
9. Battery (USA) "Say It" (1996)
10. Brotherhood (USA) "Gain" (1989)
11. D.Y.S. (USA) "Wolfpack" (1989)
12. Youth Of Today (USA) "Thinking Straight" (1986)
13. Billingsgate (USA) "Hold Strong" (1990)
14. The Vows (USA) "Back from the Deads" (2006)
15. The Path Of Resistance (USA) "Broken Heroes" (1996)
16. Burn (USA) "Godhead" (1990)
17. 108 (USA) "Deathbed" (1990)
18. 4 Walls Falling (USA) "Culture Shock" (1991)
19. Shelter (USA) "Freewill" (1992)
20. Refuse To Fall (USA) "Soulfire" (1991)

Oh, and if you missed them, below are the two previous volumes of Brad's ongoing punk and hardcore mixes.

Brad's HXC Comp (Vol. I)

1. Chain Of Strength (US) “True Till Death” (1988)
2. Strife (US) “What Will Remain” (1994)
3. Earth Crisis (US) “Firestorm/Forged in the Flames” (1993)
4. Turning Point (US) “Shadow of Lies” (1990)
5. Bold (US) “Today We Live” (1989)
6. Project X (US) “Straight Edge Revenge” (1993)
7. Judge (US) “Where it Went” (1989)
8. Sheer Terror (US) “Just Can’t Hate Enough” (1989)
9. A Chorus Of Disapproval (US) “Justice” (1991)
10. Cro-Mags (US) “Show You No Mercy” (1986)
11. Verbal Assault (US) “Anger Battery” (1989)
12. Worlds Collide (US) “Absolute” (1992)
13. Split Lip (US) “Unsolid Ground” (1992)
14. 411 (US) “Our Father” (1991)
15. Gorilla Biscuits (US) “New Direction” (1989)
16. Inside Out (US) “No Spiritual Surrender” (1990)
17. Outspoken (US) “Shadow” (1994)
18. Unbroken (US) “Curtain” (1994)

Out Of The Dark/Into The Light (Vol. II)
1. Congress (Belgium) “The Darkside” (1995)
2. Morning Again (USA) “As Tradition Dies Slowly” (1998)
3. Integrity (USA) “Searching for Divinity” (1995)
4. Damnation A.D. (USA) “No More Dreams” (1995)
5. Unbroken (USA) ”Fall on Proverb” (1994)
6. Undertow (USA) “Control” (1994)
7. Lash Out (Norway) “Winteryear” (1995)
8. Outspoken (USA) “A Light in the Dark” (1992)
9. Trial (USA) “Quest” (1997)
10. Abhinanda (Sweden) “My Source” (1995)
11. Insted (USA) “Good Things” (1988)
12. Uniform Choice (USA) “Screaming for Change” (1985)
13. No For An Answer (USA) “Without A Reason” (1988)
14. Sick Of It All (USA) “World Full of Hate” (1989)
15. Slapshot (USA) “Firewalker” (1990)
16. Ten Yard Fight (USA) “Holding On” (1996)
17. Side By Side (USA) “Look Back” (1988)
18. Mouthpiece (USA) “Nothing There” (1994)
19. Champion (USA) “The Insider” (2004)
20. Sinking Ships (USA) “Auburn” (2006)


Anonymous said...

Is there any way at all that this mix will be able to be uploaded somewhere for dl?

Anonymous said...

DL worked for me over at Brad's site.

Anonymous said...

Es funktionert schoen! Sehr toll!!! Vielen dank mein Herr!