Wednesday 7 November 2012

Maniac Monday XX - Fight Back, pt. II

Alright. I said a new punk/hardcore/crossover/crust/d-beat etc. show was coming and I did not lie. Here it is, with an interview with Bradley Smith of Nocturnal Cult, talking hardcore and crossover. He also picked out five tracks from his upcoming mix, Still Holding Strong, the third in the AFITFOG presents... series. If you missed the previous two, part one is here, and part two here. The new mix will be up in the coming weeks, so keep checking back for that one.
Five more shows to go this year—anything you would like to hear, maniacs? I am maybe going to do another year show, 1985 perhaps, another demo, epic, or thrash show. Let me know.


Spice Cube said...

I love and look forward to every mix you put up. You have impeccable taste my friend.

Anonymous said...

An 80s anarcho-punk compilation perhaps?