Thursday 10 October 2013

Maniac Monday XLII - 1987—Demo Entrails III

Monday's show was another lashing of 80s metal supremacy. It was essentially the 1987 show combined with another demo show (hour one) thrown in for infernal pleasures.
Not much else to say about this one really except play the fucker loud, as always. It was just me exercising a semi-lazy theme having already completed 1985 and 1986 shows, and also Demo Entrails I and II, but if you, like me, love 80s metal it's a winner every time.
Who knows, maybe a 1984 show could come up at some point, but the next show will probably be some sort of metalpunk odyssey. Tune in to NTS on October 21st to find out. 'til then, stay alive in the realm of the dead...

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Discordia said...

Cheers for one more great show! Keep it going!