Tuesday 22 April 2014

Maniac Monday LVI - Fight Back V—Culture Degeneration

Maniac Monday's Fight Back show returns with its fifth instalment, this time featuring two guests, Deano Jo and Jake Gill, guitarist in Shallow Sanction. Thanks to those guys for coming down and tearing the studio a welcome 'new one', we had a blast in there. The delay in posting had mainly been due to the long playlist, of which I think is now correct. Let me know if you spot anything awry.
Maniacs unite once again on April 28th for something a little less intense, perhaps. Show up at 2100GMT and find out! DIE HARD.

Bastard - Tragic Insane (Controlled In The Frame 1989)
Vex - Sanctuary (Sanctuary 1984)
Rudimentary Peni - Blissful Myth (Death Church 1983)
Crucifix - Annihilation (Dehumanization 1983)
Bunker 66 - Blasphemous Ignorance (Out Of The Bunker 2009)
Dirt - Unemployment (Object Refuse Reject Abuse 1981)
Discharge - Ain't No Feeble Bastard (Why 1981)
Amebix - Fear of God (Arise! 1985)
Cress - Prisons (Monuments 1997)
Conflict - Cruise (Increase The Peace 1984)
Omega Tribe - Man Made (No Love Lost 1983)
Crisis - No Town Hall (No Town Hall 1978)
Avskum - Auschwits II (Avskum 1982)
Bastard - Spend Your Life (Controlled In The Frame 1989)
Blitz - Never Surrender (Never Surrender/Razors In The Night 1982)
Broken Bones - I-O-U (Decapitated 1987)
Channel 3 - I've Got A Gun (I've Got A Gun 1982)
Discharge - Fight Back (Fight Back 1980)
Doom - Police Bastard (Police Bastard 1989)
Germs - American Leather ((GI) 1979)
Jerry's Kids - Strait Jacket (This is Boston Not L.A. 1982)
JFA - It's Not Right (Untitled 1984)
McRad - Greed (Dominant Force 1984)
Nausea - Home Sweet Home (Extinct Demo 1988)
Out Of Touch - Warsystem (Demo 1991)
Perdition - Degeneration (Viciöüs-Circle/Perdition 1985)
Icons Of Filth - They've Taken Everything (Not On Her Majesty's Service 1983)
Antisect - The World's Biggest Runt (In Darkness, There Is No Choice 1984)
Aus-Rotten - Vietnam is Back '94 (Fuck Nazi Sympathy 1994)
Flux Of Pink Indians - Some of Us Scream, Some Of Us Shout (Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible 1982)
Amebix - Sunshine Ward (Glad to be Bad) (No Sanctuary 1984)
Anti-Cimex - Victims of A Bomb Raid (Victims Of A Bomb Raid 1984)
Bombanfall - Aforismer (Åsiktsfrihet 1987)
Discard - Blistering Light (Death From Above 1986)
Riistetyt - Vapaa Maa (Valtion Vanika 1982)
Absurd - Anarki Nu! (Absurd 1982)
The Varukers - No Hope of A Future (No Hope Of A Future/Never Again 1984)
Poison Idea - God Not God (Kings Of Punk 1986)
Church Whip - Sodomy Pile (Demo I 2011) [played it from my selection by accident!]
Siege - Drop Dead (Drop Dead 1989)
Dead Corruption - Proud to be Punk (Kloak Skrål 1 1983)
Diablesse Grupp 6 - Våldtäkt (Kloak Skrål 1 1983)
Mob 47 - Dom Styr Våra Liv (Stockholms Mangel 1986)
Crudity - The Total End (Stockholms Mangel)
Viciöüs-Circle - Personality Crisis (Viciöüs-Circle/Perdition 1985)
Vile - Vile Fight Song (Solution 1983)
Zouo - No Power (The Final Agony 1984)
MDC - I Remember (Millions Of Dead Cops 1982)
Integrity - Dead Wrong (In Contrast of Sin 1990)
Detestation - Searching for Oblivion (Unheard Cries 1996)
Shallow Sanction - Ouroborus (EP 2014)
Shallow Sanction - The Passage (EP 2014)
Shallow Sanction - Shallow Sanction (EP 2014)
Besthöven - Rest in Silence (More Victims Of War 2002)
Haveri - Mental Kollaps (Into The Crypts Of… 2010)
Krömosom - Culture Degeneration (Nuclear Reich 2013)
Infernöh - Strida för Vadå? (War Tjard 2012)


Anonymous said...

Excellent show Dylan & Friends! Is there a download link for this one?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a download link?


I don't think there will be, no, sorry. I have asked twice but they have not replied to either mail.